Pet Bedding - DryFleece & Snug Rug Information

More information about the DryFleece and Snug Rug range of luxury animal bedding - usage, materials and care.

DryFleece is the professional quality range. Recently it has also been sold internationally as "Profleece" and "Vet Bed".

SnugRug is a light weight version of the DryFleece.

When and where to use DryFleece & SnugRug bedding:

  • For any recumbent animal requiring hospitalisation and pre or post operative care.
  • For whelping and kittening
  • When hygene, comfort and security is vital.
  • For the comfort of older animals.
  • Where there may be risk of hypothermia.
  • For the comfort and warmth of puppies and kittens.
  • Where an animal has to sleep on a hard surface such as concrete.
  • For the maximum comfort of incontinent dogs.
  • For disabled dogs, or dogs with arthritic joints.
  • As a comforter pad in your car, in travelling crates or in shipping containers.

Consists of 3 layers:

  1. A polyester pile face which is approximately 1' (35mm) deep and porus to allow liquids to completely drain through and leave the top surface dry. This deep pile also provides support to the animal's body.
  2. A polyester backing yarn which is strong enough to provide resistance to tearing or shredding.
  3. A synthetic acrylic latex backing which holds open the structure backing of the yarn to allow liquids to pass through freely. This strength also prevents the edges of the material from fraying. The quality of this backing ensures DryFleece's service life, which can be measured in years.

Why use polyester?

  • It is non-allergenic, non-toxic, non-irritant.
  • It will not support bacterial growth
  • It can withstand many wash cycles, and can be machine washed and tumble died.
  • It is resistant to permanent staining
  • It is flame resistant.

Fully machine Washable

  • Snug Rug & DryFleece bedding should be regularly machine washed on warm or cold settings and spin dried.
  • Snug Rug & DryFleece bedding may be tumble dried using a warm temperature.
  • Hot washing or tumble drying on a hot setting is not recommended as it may damage the special backing.

Special Backing

This special sprayed on backing ensures that any liquids will pass straight through. It is recommended that when using our bedding for young or incontinent animals, newspaper be placed underneath to absorb liquids, thus keeping the surface dry and cosy.

Thick & warm retaining pile

Snug Rug& DryFleece bedding reflects back the body warmth of the animal. Try putting your hand on its surface and you will see how it works. This is especially useful for arthritic animals and newborn animals. Of course it is also a comfortable bedding rug for animals of any age.

Long Lasting

Snug Rug& DryFleece bedding will last many years, it is not a short term investment.

Can go anywhere

Snug Rug and Dry Fleece are your pets "bed roll". They can go wherever your pet goes, in the kennel, in the car, or watching TV with you.

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